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Fireproof Insulation 

Rockwool Premium Plus™ Insulation

Environmentally friendly product that is setting the standard for the 21st century by combining Thermal Efficiency, Acoustical Properties, and Fire Protection all in one product. Because the Rockwool Wall Spray Insulation is a full wall thickness installation the R-Value is a true R-Value. Energy Savings begin immediately and continue for the life of the structure.

In addition, Rockwool Premium Plus™ Insulation is an ecologically sound product made from sustainable products and recycled materials. It contains no asbestos, formaldehyde or chemical additives. It is non-combustible, non-corrosive and odor-free. It will not absorb moisture, will not support mold, mildew, or fungus and will not decay or breakdown.

FireStop TB™

High quality mineral fiber manufactured in a granular form which allows it to be blown onto open or closed cell foam with the addition of FireStop TB™ Adhesive to provide a 15 minute thermal barrier. The specially formulated blend of mineral fiber along with the introduction of adhesive at the point of insertion allows for it to be blown directly onto the foam substrate. Tested in accordance with NFPA 275 Standard Method of Fire Tests for the Evaluation of Thermal Barriers Used Over Foam Plastic Insulation – both Parts 1 and 2. FireStop TB™ must be blown to a minimum depth of 1-1/2”. The maximum depth that can be sprayed overhead is 7” in a slope and 5” on a flat.

FireStop TB™ provides a true thermal barrier over spray foam insulation. FireStop TB™ has a tested R-Value of 4.14 per inch. FireStop TB™ is classified by NON-Cumbustible per ASTM E-136. With a flame spread of 5 and a smoke development of 0 FireStop TB™ not only protects from flames but smoke inhalation as well.

FireStop TB™ not only provides a fireproof coating over the foam, but thermal protection as well. This benefit alone provides a significant cost savings over the intumescent coatings, because with an R-Value in excess of 4 per inch you can reduce one inch of closed cell foam and two inches of open cell.

By doing this you achieve a number of benefits:

  1. Increase slightly or maintain your current R-Value.
  2. Spraying over the foam and the rafters eliminates thermal bridging at the roof deck.
  3. You have fireproofed the entire underside of the roof deck.
  4. Satisfy building codes and provide the code official with an easy inspection which translates to less red tags.
  5. Introduce one of the best sound absorption products on the market today into the attic to absorb those sounds that would normally bounce around and travel from room to room.