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Cedar Siding & Roofing In CT

Wood Siding

Wood Siding Connecticut

Classic and solid, wood is the all-time favorite for siding materials around the globe. It is a sustainable building material that can be grown nearly anywhere in the world. Siding is one of the most ancient building techniques known to man. We have certainly come a long way from the old split log siding, but don't dismiss wood for its antiquated uses; it's still a big contender in the construction market. Wood siding has advantages and disadvantages, so making the right decision can be difficult. Becoming an informed consumer will help you choose the right siding for your home.

Wood Siding Benefits

Energy saving wood is an excellent insulator this means during the colder months wood will naturally hold heat inside of the home. It is durable and some types of wood offer some level of fire resistance: for example Redwood. Another benefit that wood siding offer is the finish; it takes stain and paint very well. Wood siding comes in different natural colors and it can be milled into many different shapes and styles creating every style of siding lap possible. Once wood siding has been primed and sealed, it can last for a lifetime with annual maintenance and upkeep. This is giving the home owner or contractor the ability to choose a product that is specific to their personal taste.

Wood Roofing

Cedar Wood Roofing CT

Wood shingles made from cedar are a popular alternative to asphalt and fiberglass shingles. Their look is one of distinction and strength. The warmth and beauty of a natural cedar shake goes beyond enhancing the appearance of your home. It reflects pride of ownership. Cedar roofs are centuries old and they are what modern man-made roofing materials try to imitate.

Cedar's natural resiliency makes it a strong roof in extraordinary weather situations, including hail and snow. Like any natural wood products, caring for it is very important. Cedar shingles can start to dry, curl, and crack sometimes very quickly. The silver patina that gives cedar its weather-beaten look is essentially the start of fungal growth. Treating your roof every 5 - 7 years can extend roof life by 35 - 50 years. If your roof color has faded noticeably, test it by putting water on it to see if the shingles absorb it. If so, it is time to clean and treat the roof.

Let our professionals install a new cedar roof you'll be proud of for years to come.